How To Get Published

It’s every writer’s dream: write the Great American Novel and get it published by a mainstream publishing house.

From editor and marketing guru, Bob Bly…

Dear Novelist:

Every writer – and countless non-writers as well – dreams of one day writing and publishing the Great American Novel.

Well, my friend and colleague Hunter Shea has hit it big-time as a prolific novelist.

Within the past 5 years, he has written 17 novels, all published by traditional publishing houses, with the next 5 under contract even as we speak!

I am a huge fan of Hunter’s novels, including Loch Ness Revenge (Severed Press) … Forest of Shadows (Samhain) … The Montauk Monster (Pinnacle Books) … andTortures of the Damned (Pinnacle).

(And yes, as the titles give away, his niche is horror and suspense.)

Now, Hunter reveals his secrets for writing paperbound novels that mainstream publishers, editors, and book buyers love – in his just-published e-book, How to Write and Sell Your Novel to a Traditional Publishing House.

In it, you will discover:

  • The 3 Rs of becoming a successful novelist. Page 4.
  • Write a kick-but query letter that persuades a literary agent to represent your book. Page 37.
  • Pros and cons of attending writing conferences and seminars. Page 16.
    • surprise you. Page 7.
  • Building your author platform — and why you need one. Page 47.
  • Should you keep your day job or become a full-time freelance writer? Page 18.
  • 7 best social media channels for authors promoting their books. Page 48.
  • How to increase your chances of selling your book by becoming a genre novelist. Page 8.
  • How you can easily complete an entire novel in only 3 months. Page 22.
  • 5 ways to get more reviews for your novel. Page 58.
  • Why you should not write a novel that capitalized on the current big trend in commercial fiction. Page 9.
  • A proven process for revising, rewriting, and editing your novel from just okay to saleable. Page 24.
  • 6 most important points to negotiate in a book contract. Page 44.
  • R.L. Stine’s secret for writing success. Page 11.
  • Creating your author web site and blog. Page 50.
  • “Beta readers” and why so many top novelists use them. Page 28.
  • How to find the ideal balance between research and writing. Page 12.
  • Overcoming the fear of getting started. Page 31.
  • Savvy strategies for promoting your books so they stay in print longer. Page 62.
  • Reach more people online by publishing your own e-newsletter. Page 53.
  • 8 ways to a literary agent. Page 35. Page 33.
  • And so much more….

Publishing Book


But wait. There’s more.

Another colleague, Lisa Mondello, is also a prolific and successful published novelist.

Her 8th novel — a psychological thriller titled Cradle of Secrets — will be published by Steeple Hill later this year

As for her 9th book, I’m proud to be the publisher, and it’s titled Selling Your Novel: a Beginner’s Guide to Writing a Novel and Getting It Published.

And when you order Hunter’s ebook How to Write and Sell Your Novel to a Traditional Publishing House

… you also get a second ebook to give you more strategies on selling your novel to a publisher, Lisa’s Selling Your Novel.

In Selling Your Novel, Lisa doesn’t offer to critique your writing, give you plot ideas, line-edit your book, or teach you the art of writing fiction.

Lisa and I assume you either dream of writing and publishing a novel … or are working on a novel right now … or plan to soon.

So while Hunter tells you how to write your novel, Lisa focuses 100% on what it takes in today’s marketplace to SELL a novel … and get it into print, into bookstores, and into the hands of eager readers.

In just 55 tightly written pages, Lisa Mondello – in her guide to selling your novel – takes you step by step through the process of becoming a published novelist.

She holds nothing back, and lays bare her proven methods of writing great fiction … getting it out into the market … and convincing a publisher to turn your words into a published novel.



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