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The Ladies of Pink Kitty Paranormal : Ghost Hunters With Style

Anyone who has visited this old blog and chain knows that I’m a real big time ghost guy. From having my own experiences to visiting famous haunted locations and writing books about our evanescent neighbors, I can’t seem to get enough, During  my travels, I was lucky enough to become friends with the lovely and hysterical Annaliesje Cady, head honcho of the coolest damn paranormal group, Pink Kitty Paranormal.

The crew of PKP ain’t your average ghost hunting squad. Donning pink tutus and fur-covered EMF meters, they go where others dare not tread with a sense of adventure and fun rarely seen in the paranormal circuit these days. If I could tag along with any ghost hunting group in the world for a night in a dark cemetery, PKP would be my # 1 choice. I recently sat down to chat with the beautiful members of PKP…Annaliesje, Scooby, Daniella and Zeegee, and had a blast. I can’t think of a better group to spotlight on Halloween week! Ladies, take it away…

1. I love the name of your group. How did you come up with Pink Kitty Paranormal?

ANNALIESJE…I have dreamed of having my own ghostie hunting group for like ever, that was based on a part of what I love.  That would be PINK.  I love Kitties (KITTY).  I love the PARANORMAL.  Some peeps think of PINK KITTY being a little dirty and that it means a certain female anatomy.  I say to them all, “That’s fine, all of us girls have one”!!!

2. Who are your members and how did you all meet?

ANNALIESJE…Myself, Daniella, Scooby and Zeegee (Zombie Girl Nowal) were friends before PKP got started.  But we all actually met at a hair salon!! Go figure!!!

3. Because everyone in this field has a back story, what got you interested in ghost hunting and the paranormal in general?

ANNALIESJE…I had an experience with my mom when I was in high school but really got interested about 6 years ago when I started getting hooked on some popular paranormal shows. I signed up for a contest, Ghost Hunters Academy on a dare and actually got called by a producer. I ended up not getting picked for the show. I tried to contact other ghostie groups in my area but nobody wanted to let me join.  That is when I said “F” it, I will start my own damn paranormal group!!

SCOOBY…I had some experiences but mainly fell into it when Annaliesje asked me to be a photographer for PKP. I am scared as “F” but can’t stop coming back for more with these crazy bitches!

ZEEGEE…I have had experiences since I was born and my mother as well. Something has been following me, well, since I was born.  I have been curious every since.  When I was asked to join PKP, I said HELLS YES!!

DANIELLA.. I have been interested in the paranormal since I was little.  I had my first paranormal experience when I was about 10.   But really I have to say that it is because Leonard Nimoy’s show, In Search Of.  He is the one that made me the ghostie huntress that I am today. THANKS LEONARD! ❤

4. How do people react when your team comes to investigate in pink tu-tus and fur covered EMF meters? Is it tough winning over some of them?

ALL OF PKP..We have to say that every one of our clients have been coolio with us investigating. They usually know what we are about and how we dress.  A lot of times they want to investigate with us.  We have to say we end up winning them all. Maybe we might get a few in the future that we won’t be able to win over.  All we have to say to that is…..OLE!!!

5. Some of you were featured on an episode of Ghost Adventures. Care to tell everyone what that was like? Did you meet any of the GA crew?

ANNALIESJE..hahaha yes, I wouldn’t say we were featured.  We did get credits at the end but not for PKP.  Myself and former PKP member, Nurse Rachel, helped with GHOST ADVENTURES reenactment scenes on the Shanghai tunnels episode. PKP then were volunteers for the Cascade Geographic Society, who runs most of the tunnel tours, and we were asked to help.  With such short notice, Nurse Rachel and I were the only ones that were able to participate.   We both had a blast. I played Nynah, a young native American girl that was sold into slavery. I also played a saloon girl .  Nurse Rachel played the main saloon girl that helps shanghai a poor The only one that we got to chat with were the filming crew for Travel Channel.  Joe was my favorite. We picked on each other a lot.  Filming took from 10am to 7pm on a Tuesday.  It is amazing how long it takes to film a few minutes of what really airs.  Sadly Zak, Aaron, Nick and Billy were already gone but months later Aaron and Billy did meet my dad in Vegas and took pics with him at a Gold Show..don’t ask..long story..always

6. What’s the scariest thing you’ve ever seen or heard during an investigation?

ANNALIESJE…I would have to say the second time we investigated an old hotel in Carson, WA.  It’s funny how you can investigate a location and it’s quiet the first time and the second time you go back it does a one eighty..zoom! We went back to film some footage that was asked for by a network. Everything that had to do with video died, even with fully charged batteries. Something there clearly did not want us to film.  We got clear sentences in our PKP gotcha ghostie box (when asked, “Was that you that made our cameras die?” the reply was a very loud and clear, “yup”!!! and when asked, “Why don’t you want us to film you?”, the reply was, “Because it’s abomination!!!”

And we were also followed to our hotel room. Let’s just say we left the lights on when we went to bed and for the record, I NEVER DO THAT EVER!

SCOOBY..F ing everything!!!

ZEEGEE..Agree with Annaliesje..something followed us to our room and we got a lot of readings on our k-2 meters and more evp’s from our room..that shit was carrrazy!

DANIELLA..Carson, WA for sure.  Something was f ing with us! It was the first time we encountered a hostile ghostie.  The whole investigation was awkward and uncomfortable!!

7. If you could list your top 3 dream ghost investigations, what would they be and why?

ANNALIESJA..DisneyLand! Because I want to see if I can talk to Walt!! It would be great to get some evp’s of that brilliant man and plus..I love everything Disney ❤ Alcatraz! Because I want to dress the team up in prison stripes and have Daniella be a cop and get some evp action with birdman!! Amityville Horrrror House. Well because, I just remember watching a documentary about it when I was little and some paranormal group left cameras in one hallway and caught a little boy with glowing eyes..I want to mess with that little ghostie! Lol 

SCOOBY…Graceland! Because I want to see if Elvis still lives! Neverland..well, just because! Last but not least..THE BUCKINGHAM PALACE! Get some dirty evp’s on the royals!!

DANIELLA.. I like psycho shit, so first off would be Trans Allegheny, Viscilica Axe Murder House. Last would be Hurricane Mills..Loretta Lynn. Because I love her and love that she has haunted shit happen to her there.  Want to hear her stories!!

ZEEGEE..Tower of London,  Lizzy Borden House and of course Waverly. Why? Because I like GUTS!

8. OK, if you could have your favorite cocktail, food and dessert right now, what would they be?

ANNALIESJA..Margarita on the rocks but with fresh oranges and lime freshly squeezed..triple sec and the most expensive f’ing IT WILL KILLYA (tequila) possible. Sushi..I just love sushi!! I would say all dessert..I am like Buddy the elf..I love anything is my weakness!

ZEEGEE..I just trust my bartender to set me up..whatevs.  Sushi..oh yeah..A spoon of NUTELLA!!

SCOOBY..A slightly dirty martini made with Kettle 1. Kraft Mac And Cheese. The inner Mexican in me says, FLAN!

DANIELLA..Well, I am drinking a GodDamn good Cab right now.  Anything prepared by the sexy chef, Gordon Ramsay! Lavender crème Brule!! Mmmmm!

To follow the adventures of PKP, just click on any of thier pictures and it will take you right to their YouTube channel and FaceBook page. Happy hunting!

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