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WE ARE NOT ALONE! darkmaster_final

“I used to call them pirates.They come here in big ships and take whatever they want. Except they’re not here for treasure. They want our souls.”

Is Sheila Yates crazy, or are her tales of repeated abductions by extraterrestrials the truth Jason has been looking for? In a lone house in a remote upstate New York town, he’s about to find out, or go stark raving mad in the process.




4 responses to “FREE BOOK”

  1. patricia says :

    dude I so wanna read the jersey devil I read the dover demon kick ass book dude r there contest to win signed copy of the jersey devil is so please sign me up ur number 1 fan patricia

    • Hunter Shea says :

      Thanks Patricia! If you’re part of Goodreads, I plan to have another giveaway there very soon. And sign up for my Dark Hunter Newsletter because I’m always giving stuff away there. 😉

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