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Book Cover Preview

To say I’m a tad psyched is a massive understatement. My editor at Samhain Publishing sent me over the 1st draft of the cover for my book, Forest of Shadows, that is slated to come out this fall. Had to go through a totally new, much appreciated process this time to work with the art department. I was given a 3 page document to complete that listed main plot points, physical charactersitics of the hero and villain, my own suggestions and things I didn’t want to see on the cover.

It was nice to have some input and to find a first draft that is dead on with what I was picturing in my mind. As an author, you don’t often have much control when it comes to the look of your book. Huge thanks to Don D’Auria, my awesome editor, and the folks at Samhain Publishing. It seems every time I go through theĀ  publishing process, I learn something new.

Tell me what you think. Does this look like something that would grab your attention on a book shelf?

Forest of Shadows Cover

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