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Upcoming Appearances in New Jersey

It only stands to reason that if you write a book called THE JERSEY DEVIL, you need to show your face around Joisey. If you make it to my first appearance in NJ this Friday, you’ll get to partake of a bottle of Jersey Devil wine when I crack open this cryptid vintage. As of today, here are 3 of my upcoming appearances (with more to come):

10/21 – SPIN ME ROUND in Phillipsburg, NJ


12/3 – HUDSON HORROR SHOW in Poughkeepsie, NY

All of the details for each are below. Hope you can come out and have some fun with the monster man!

SPIN ME ROUND on October 21st signing books before a short film festival. Here be the deets…

7 to 8:45 PM: Meet and purchase Hunter Shea’s latest book signed!!!
8:50 to 9:35 PM: Short Films Block including: (Tentative Order)
Used Body Parts Directed by Venita Ozols-Graham
PITY Directed by John Pata
SPLIT Directed by Andy Stewart
Edgar Allen Poe’s BERENICE Directed by Jeremiah Kipp
9:35 to 11 PM: Nailbiter The Movie directed by Patrick Rea

Location: Spin Me Round in the Phillipsburg Mall at 1200 US Highway 22, Phillipsburg, NJ (Come shop for Records, DVDs, T-Shirts, Books, CDs and more…)

Next is a signing with author Tim Meyer at Pinelands Brewing on November 4th. Nothing goes better with my books than beer! By then, I should also have copies of my latest novella, LOCH NESS REVENGE!


This will be my second year in a row attending Hudson Horror Show. They have a great movie marathon and a choice selection of vendors so you can holiday shop for all the ghouls in your life. I’ll have all of my books on hand, plus my daughter the baker will be selling horror themed cupcakes! She makes killer cupcakes. This might be your last chance to grab my Samhain titles before they’re out of print.



Upcoming Appearance in New Jersey

So, a priest, a horror writer and Snooki walk into a bar…

Thanks to the wonderful Jay Kay with Horror Happens (you need to be listening to his show), I’m breaking out of my cage and will be at a very special event in Joisey on Friday, July 15th, you know, that place with the devil that popped outta Momma Leeds. I won’t be the only author and there’s going to be a women in horror film fest.

Here be the gory details. Hope to see you there!

spin scream

Horror Happens Productions brings some of the best short and feature horror films to the record/book/music/movie store Spin Me Round in the Phillipsburg Mall every 3rd Friday of the month FREE. The event will run from 7 to 11 PM EST with the following schedule:

July’s Authors, Filmmakers and Films Lineup includes:

(Head over to http://horrorhappens.com/ for now to see bios and trailers!)

7:00 to 7:45 PM: Meet and Greet /Signing with
Authors LJ Moran & Hunter Shea

8:00 to 8:30 PM: Panel Discussion with the Authors

8:45 to 9:05 PM: Quartet of Short Films including:
“Boxer” by Toy Lei (5m)
“Grammy” by Jill Gevargizian (2m)
“Cleaning House” by Andrea Mark Wolanin (5m)
“Postpartum” by Izzy Lee (7m)

9:10 to 10:50 PM: Our July Feature Film “Dys-” Directed by Maude Michaud (1 hr 40m)

Event is FREE to attend, meet the filmmakers, stay for the panel discussion and if you are over 18 years old (with ID), watch the selected short films. Filmmakers and/or authors may have merchandise, films and more to purchase and get signed.

Location: Spin Me Round in the Phillipsburg Mall at 1200 US Highway 22, Phillipsburg, NJ (Come shop for Records, DVDs, T-Shirts, Books, CDs and more…)

Appearance this Saturday!

I grew up spending half my waking hours in comic book stores (and old time stationery stores that sold comics and Mad Magazine).

I’m crossing another item off my bucket list this Saturday, June 11th at the Spider’s Web, the best comic book store in Westchester, NY. It’s located at 887 Yonkers, Ave, Yonkers, NY, right across the street from Empire City Casino. Here’s a bit of trivia, the proverbial poop hits the fan in my book, Tortures of the Damned, right at that very spot. So come see me, buy a book (all of my books will be on hand) and see where the end of Yonkers began. I’ll be in a nice tent right outside the store, working on my tan.


Rethinking Book Signings : One Writerly Dude’s Approach

I’ve always wanted to build a better book signing, and with the launch of my book tour this past weekend I think I may have done it (cue Dr. Frankenstein’s laughter of the demented). There are valid reasons why I wanted to change things up this time around.

When I published a very small book years ago, I went on a mini-tour that included about 7 signings, most at mom and pop bookstores, and a few large chain stores. I had mixed results. The majority involved me sitting behind a table, hoping someone would look my way and take a peek at the book. I’ve noticed that a lot of people are wary of approaching authors. Trust me, we’re happy to talk to you, and almost all of us don’t bite! I was usually able to sell a handful of books at the mom and pops.

I had two nightmare signings, both at major outlets. One was on the 4th of July. Naturally, no one was in the store! To make things worse, they put me under a sky light so the 95 degree sun could melt me to the chair. The only thing I succeeded in doing was convincing the lone customer not to buy Hilary Clinton’s book that was on display behind me.

The next one was even worse. I’m not a public speaker. Well, when I got there, they had set up a podium and about forty chairs and expected me to read from my book. Lucky for stammering me, the only people in those chairs were my wife, her friend and a support group for people with hepatitis-C, who were busy holding their own meeting and  not paying attention to me. I sold 1 whole book that night, which was an improvement over the zero sold on Independence Day.

I’ve attended my fair share of author signings and have come to the conclusion that I hate author readings. Unless they are classically trained in the art of acting and public speaking, their voice interferes with the voice I then bring to the book when I read it. Very few enhance the experience.

So as I geared up to promote Forest of Shadows, I feverishly tried to come up with a unique way of making a book signing a bigger, better experience for those who come to see me. Heck, they’re going out of their way to attend, I better give them a show to justify their precious time.

To erase my bad experiences of the past, I made sure I got a signing at a Barnes & Noble. Big time, big pressure. 🙂

What I did next  was examine my genre, the topic of my book, and other things I have done to promote it all along and combined them into what I felt was a fun, informative evening. Here’s the game plan:

  • My book is a fictional story about a ghost hunter. So, I decided to focus on ghosts in general, not just the ones in my book.
  • I do a video podcast called The Monster Men where my buddy and I talk about all things horror and scary. We went back to look at episodes where we talked about ghosts and created a 10 minute video. It centered on my ghost trips to The Queen Mary, The Manhattan Bistro and my own experience in a haunted hotel room in Spain.
  • I created a slide show that showed all kinds of ghost pictures, as well as intermittent slides showing my website and logo. I added some sinister music to it as well. As people filtered in, I had the slideshow and music going to get and hold their attention.
  • I started by asking what people believed in (Bigfoot, UFOs, Ghosts) and handed out candy prizes for those brave enough to raise their hands. This got them involved and gave them sugar rushes! I also kept a bowl of cookies on the table.
  • I talked a little about the book and wove humor with the horror throughout. I showed the video, stopping every now and then to add a funny anecdote or two.I also made sure I was on my feet and walking around, making eye contact with everyone. As an added benefit, it helped me burn off nervous energy.
  • After the video, I talked a little more about the book, just for a couple of minutes, and asked people to share their own paranormal stories.
  • Then it was time to sign! I also created a posterboard of the cover of  my book at Staples for $10 and asked them to sign it for me as I signed their book. Now I have a great keepsake and they had a blast signing it. How many authors ask their readers for their autograph?
  • Lastly, I created postcards that promote my next book, website and Monster Men podcast and put them in each book.


The key to everything was to have fun and make it a great night. I keep thinking I’ll bring a smoke machine to the next one, but my kids roll their eyes on that suggestion.

Best of all, I started with a table loaded with books and came a hair from a total sellout. There were only a couple left by the end of the night, which I signed so they can display them prominently in the store.

Now, I’m not saying this is the definitive way to do your own signing. You have to do what you’re comfortable with. Be creative. Make ‘em laugh. Be interactive. If you can do all three, you’re in for a hell of a night.

The Book Tour Has Begun!

I’ve been gearing up over the past week for the launch of my book tour. It was tough waiting for winter to vacate the premises so I could get started. Big thanks to Monster Man Jack Campisi who worked his tail off creating a special Monster Men episode just for the tour. It’s a ‘best of ghost stories’ that will spark some interesting conversations with those who come down for the fun. I’ll also talk about some of my own experiences with the unknown and how they inspired Forest of Shadows.  

So, if you’re in the Yonkers, NY area on Saturday, March 24th, come on over to the Barnes and Noble at 2614 Central Park Avenue at 7pm.

I’ll be adding more dates in more states very soon, so stay tuned. If you have a bookstore in mind, let me know and I’ll see what I can do about getting there!

Good news is always elusive, but I have 2 things to be happy about today. My story, ‘Commandment Eleven’ is in issue #7 of Dark Moon Digest. You can get a copy for under $8 at Amazon. There are a lot of great writers in this issue. You won’t be  disappointed.

Here’s a little snippet to get your horror engine running:

Commandment Eleven

A sparrow sang just outside the basement window and it almost made Norm’s heart break. He could still smell the sharp, sulphuric odor of burnt matches riding hard over the musty pall of the cramped underground room.  

He strained to catch the tune of a song as it warbled from the transistor radio he’d left on upstairs. Was it Frank Sinatra or Tony Bennett? What he wouldn’t give to be up there with that radio. Man, that voice sounded like heaven.

Since the incident, he loved just about any sound: kids fighting, garbage trucks rumbling, the buzzing of a curious bee. The thought of losing all of those delicious, everyday melodies sickened him with dread. Acidic rivulets of bile hit the back of his teeth and seeped from the corners of his mouth. Instinctively, he went to wipe it away but his hands were held fast by duct tape.

There was a shuffling of slipper-clad feet on the unfinished cellar floor and a stack of old wood boxes went clattering to the ground.

“Son of a biscuit eater!” his wife Chastity yelled.

God, even her infantile cusses (because good Christians don’t cuss) were glorious to hear. 

“Didn’t I tell you to move these somewhere else? You do have working legs and arms, don’t you? Just because I’ve made you right with Jesus doesn’t mean you’re right with me.”

 Ready for more? Click the cover to get your copy today!


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