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New Appearances and Signings

I know it’s still summer, but horror season is fast approaching. I just added 4 new events where you can find me either hawking my wares or talking about the paranormal. Check out the latest on the Signings & Appearances tab. And if you know of an event or location that you would like me to come to, let me know.

Live Radio Show Tonight!

For those of you interested in my ramblings, I’ll be co-hosting the Working Things Out radio show tonight with Tony Ventarola, one of my oldest friends in this scary world. The show goes from 6-7pm ET. You can listen live by clicking the Listen Live link or come back another day and check out the archive. Lord knows what we’ll talk about, but knowing us, UFOs, ghosts, baseball and politics will probably rear their heads.

If you missed it live, you can access the archive here on YouTube. A big thank you to Diana Navarro for lending us her air time.

New Monster Men And Latest Updates

Wow, it has been one crazy week. Forest of Shadows is finally available and I’ve been writing articles and interviews like mad. I figured it was time to get my cowboy gear on and do a quick roundup to get you all up to speed.

My short story, Bottom of the Ninth, just came out in the final issue of Ethereal Tales (issue #12…I know, 13 would have been more fitting).

Had a blast doing a Q&A with fellow author Frazer Lee.

An article on why I write about ghosts and a sneak peek of my book just posted on W.D. Gagliani’s blog.

You can listen to my radio interview on Artist First Radio’s archive. It’s listed alphabetically.

And last but certainly far from least, a new Monster Men podcast is here. Jack and I filmed about a five new episodes recently and will post a new one every week this month. This episode, we talk about my book as well as my night at a haunted well in NYC’s Manhattan Bistro. The well under the restaurant isn’t open to the public, so it was amazing getting a chance to see it. Watch the episode to see the pics I took.

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