Ghost Mine : Syfy Strikes Gold

Let me start off by saying that I fully understand that all paranormal TV shows are entertainment. Some slant more to the entertainment side than others, but I’m not fooled into thinking everything I see on my television screen is a pure scientific approach to exploring the supernatural. The fact that there are no real scientists conducting experiments is enough to dispel that myth.

Syfy’s Ghost Mine has become, by far, the single best paranormal show on the air in very little time. Why it works so well is pretty simple and I’m sure other production companies will be working hard to imitate them.

We all like to be scared from time to time. If we didn’t, there wouldn’t be any amusement parks, and for real kicks, we’d watch reruns of Matlock. Even without the threat of ghosts lurking in the dark, an abandoned mine is scary as hell. It plays on our fear of the dark, claustrophobia and, well, you can die pretty easily in there. Mines are about as safe as Congress is effecient.

Ghost Mine

Ghost Mine focuses on a hearty band of miners looking for gold in the long abandoned Crescent Mine in the hills of Oregon. The mine itself has a rich history of the unexplained. They are joined by 2 paranormal investigators, the intense and gadget-loving Patrick Doyle and his partner, Kristen Lumen, a red haired beauty among the rough and tumble men. She can certanily hold her own and has to fight against the tide of supersitions about having women in a mine. It seems that other mining teams have bailed out on the Crescent Mine because of the supposed spirits that drift in and out of the tunnels.

What makes this work has nothing to do with the paranormal. It has everything to do with the miners themselves who make up one of the most interesting casts of characters on TV today. From the grizzled veterans Papa Smurf and Grey Beard (everyone has nicknames they’ve earned from years working in mines) to the fast talking Bucket and a pair of “Greenhorns” who are down on their luck and hoping to save their family’s finances. you can’t turn away. Just learning how these guys go about securing the mine and how much work goes into extracting gold is enough to hook me. Just think Axe Men with ghosts.

This is the first show that doesn’t zip in to a location and haul ass out the moment they think they’ve caught an EVP. We get to really explore the mine with them, and become emotionally invested in the miners.

Add in shadows that appear against laser grids, creepy voices and cabins being struck with the force to knock things off the walls, and you have must-see Para TV.

I admit to feeling my own walls closing in when Patrick and Kristen walk deep into the grave-black mines, searching for the heart of the haunting. The evidence they catch is compelling, but nothing can stop men with gold fever. The spirits in the mine, disturbed by the blasting, have also dispersed out of the mine, haunting the miner’s wives and children in a nearby B&B. Everyone’s on edge, including the viewers.

Ghost Mine is both informative and eerie. I’d be happy watching an episode dedicated only to mining as much as I would one centered on the ghost hunters.

As an added bonus, we get hints that the Masons might have something to do with the restless spirits. Conspiracy nuts, don your foil hats and strap yourselves in!

I’m a horror writer, and I’d be happy as a pig in you-know-what if I came up with a plot and characters this fascinating. So I’m not going to worry whether everything or not is real. I’m enjoying the ride.

The only negative is that the show has a very short run. Note to SyFy, feel free to cancel The Haunted Collector, find a new mine and get cracking on a full season.

If you’ve watched Ghost Mine, I’d love to know your thoughts about the show. Where would you rank it in the pantheon of modern Para TV?


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About Hunter Shea

Hunter Shea is the product of a misspent childhood watching scary movies, reading forbidden books and wishing Bigfoot would walk past his house. He doesn’t just write about the paranormal – he actively seeks out the things that scare the hell out of people and experiences them for himself. Hunter’s novels can even be found on display at the International Cryptozoology Museum. His video podcast, Monster Men, is one of the most watched horror podcasts in the world. You’ll also find him every week on the Final Guys podcast, available everywhere. He’s a bestselling author of over 30 books, all of them written with the express desire to quicken heartbeats and make spines tingle. Living with his wonderful family and two cats, he’s happy to be close enough to New York City to gobble down Gray’s Papaya hotdogs when the craving hits.

96 responses to “Ghost Mine : Syfy Strikes Gold”

  1. The Paranormalist - Renae Rude says :

    Somehow missed this. I’ll have to see if I can get it on-demand. Unless it’s still playing?

    • Hunter Shea says :

      This week and next week are the last 2 episodes in their 6 episode run. Hopefully you can catch up on demand or syfy.

      • Alan kaye says :

        I ran across this show channel surfing. I like the paranormal team a lot – they seem to be very thorough and the show is the best ghost show on at this time. I was only able to catch three episodes which left me wanting more. I missed what is behind the sealed off part of the mine damn it. I hope this show is renewed and I agree – take Haunted Collector off.

      • Sherri Baker says :

        We need to convince Syfy they have a hit going on here. They should do an episode about the blocked in wall they found in the other tunnel – like open it and see where it leads or what happens. Love Ghost Hunters, GHI, etc., but this is more like Gold Rush or Deadliest Catch. The cast is down to earth. I think Syfy has a bigger audience for this show than they think. Lets sign a petition!!!!!

      • Leigh Fields says :

        Hi Hunter 😉 question…the opening song of Ghost mine. Found the name as “Hopeless” was this made for the show? since I can’t find any other information such as artist etc. Very curious about the full version since I liked what bit you hear at beginning of show. Thanks for you comments and I hope you are right that Ghost mine returns in the fall!

      • Hunter Shea says :

        That’s a great question. I’ll bet it wasn’t made for the show. A lot cheaper to rent the rights to an existing song.

  2. hookofabook says :

    Hey, I haven’t heard about this show at all and I watch lots of Syfy! Sounds cool and fun. Thanks for letting me know about it….

  3. hookofabook says :


  4. Joseph Pinto says :

    Hey Hunter! I watched the first episode of Ghost Mine & loved it! It was surprisingly “fresh.” I’m looking forward to watching the other episodes now (and have to soon, my dvr is backing up! lol)

  5. @JasonDarrick says :

    *Sniff* I don’t get SyFy up here. I’m going to have to see if one of the other channels picks the show up. Canehdian TV execs are good for that.

  6. Sara Hughes says :

    I really like this show and agree that it’s one of the best out there. I do like the miners and the process IS interesting but I started watching strictly for the paranormal aspect. I ended up loving it so much more than I thought I would.

    I like the way they investigate, the evidence is compelling and I too am sorry to see the end come so soon. Every episode gets better and better.

  7. Lucy says :

    This show fills my paranormal curiosity! Its enticing and I love to see the looks of the miners when the investigators show them what they’ve caught on their cameras or what EVP’s they’ve captured. It makes a believer outta of them right before my eyes.

  8. Jacob says :

    Why did they do so few episodes? This show has what none of the other ghost shows have, the minors and Kristen. Hope they do more!

    • Hunter Shea says :

      I think this was a test to see how the viewers would take to it. I haven’t seen the ratings but everyone I talk to about it loves the show. Patrick and Kristen are waiting to hear if it gets picked up for season 2.

      • Jacob says :

        both the ghost hunters and ghost mine got a 0.3 last night with the new time slots. I watch ghost mine but not the other. i had to dvr supernatural. Nothing better then a good ghost story.

      • Hunter Shea says :

        Hmm, I think that ranks as so-so in the world of cable TV. But it should be enough to give them a second crack.

  9. Fiona says :

    I enjoy the show…but last night’s episode seemed a wee bit contrived and less ‘credible’ than previous episodes. I felt everyone was trying too hard to prove something…will still be watching though…:o)

  10. Julee says :

    I’m in love!!! I am so sad the season was so short!! My new favorite! I’m telling anyone who will listen!

  11. Jack Campisi (@backinjack) says :

    Started watching it. Interesting new take on the paranormal show genre. Can’t help but think that a haunted mine would best be investigated by the Scooby Doo gang. They are bound to find a greedy local business man posing as an old prospector ghost to scare folks away so he can steal the gold. And he would have gotten away with it too… if it wasn’t for those meddling kids.

  12. Sara Hughes says :

    Even Ghost Hunters has had one of the better seasons all around than they have had in awhile. I like the subtle changes they’ve made since Grants departure, like having Jason’s small narrations of the cases instead of the way the used to present it. Small change but I like it. The past few seasons have been a bit boring but I still watch religiously.

    • Hunter Shea says :

      It’s funny, the changes you like to GH are the ones that I’m not too crazy about. They’re adding a lot in editing to make it seem creepier. I miss them going to people’s houses to help them, rather than checking out paranormal hot spots.

      • Scott DayOH says :

        ^^THIS^^ –

        I still watch the show, more have it on and listen – I still like the stories, but the show felt more real when they were doing individual families and a small blend of “hot spots”.

  13. MJ says :

    Love this new show ! First series in forever that I can’t wait to see what happens next. I will boycott Syfy if they don’t continue this until there is closure. I totally agree with everything you said about characters and interest in mining. Thank you for writing and sharing what I have been thinking”

  14. Chris Andrade says :

    There is an online petition to SyFy to pick up this awesome show for a 2nd season (made by the fans) If you want to keep watching this please go to this link and sign & share!

  15. Paul D. Dail says :

    This is one of those moments when I wish I had cable. Dammit! Oh well, maybe it will show up on Netflix.

    And the claustrophobic effect, etc… that you mention is what made “The Descent” pretty terrifying for me.


  16. Chad says :

    I actually kind of prefer the shorter formatting of the shows season. It’s not so long and stretched out across multiple needless and pointless episodes as to end up being boring and slow moving, and just short enough of a season for everyone to beg for more and to be able to focus more on the strengths of the show.

  17. Steven Smith says :

    I’ve never had a paranormal experience, but have an open mind. There is no explanation for daja vu but all of my mine occur when talking to people who have had paranormal experiences. It’s almost like I can finish their stories. I have no explanation for it.

  18. nicole says :

    I love this show. i’m so sad to see it end tonight.

  19. Brad says :

    Agree the best paranormal show on tv. Can’t wait for each new episode

  20. Ryan says :

    Fantastic show, Kristen is also fantastic.. now if we could just get Ghost Hunters canceled.

  21. Terri says :

    its a good show.. shouldnt be called reality show.. and the paranormal investigation team? .. Shes an actress .. has been in a few movies .. Spiral”, “Harvest of Fear” and “Drama Queens . Sad that they couldnt get REAL investigators … Maybe one day a REAL reality show will come on .. not a scripted one with actors and actress’s ..

    • Hunter Shea says :

      Interesting. I wasn’t aware of that.

      • Scott DayOH says :

        Hunter – What Terri says is true – however, Kristen actually replied to another article about this issue, with the same “intent” that Terri inferred.

        Here is the quote and link:

        “Thought I might help clear some things up for you. Yes I was in three “independent” movies with three bit (emphasis being on bit) parts which all were filmed around 2004 and 2005 back in my college days when I lived in Oregon. A friend of mine worked as a producer and I thought it would be fun. This was not a career move. 3 bit parts 6 years ago in 3 independent films does not a “professional” actress make. The years of the movies are the distribution dates not the years they were actually filmed. As for modeling…yes my mom put me in stuff since I was a little girl but I did not attend college for 4 years and receive my BA in Psychology and Certification in Hypnotherapy to become a “professional” model. I’m 5’3 lets be honest. Third and most important, SyFy never tried to hide I am a hypnotherapist. I mentioned it in my first radio interview. If anything it adds to my credibility of understanding how the mind works and how some paranormal experiences can actually be our minds chemical reaction to fear/anxiety or something it cannot explain. I state in episode 1 that that is how I investigate.I don’t talk about hypnotherapy on the show because I thought it might confuse viewers since it is still not completely understood by a lot of people. You’re right about my hosting. I host things I’m passionate about. I host programs at the Hypnotherapy school I graduated from.You could also say I partially hosted Ghost Mine because I am passionate about the paranormal and investigating it. I can see by how just “Googling” my name you could have come up with these misconceptions but unfortunately Google isn’t always correct. Thanks for your time.”

        Not saying you can’t wonder about the show, but she at least defended herself.

      • Hunter Shea says :

        Thank you so much for finding this and sharing it. That definitely clears up a lot of misconceptions.

    • Jacob says :

      Chris Williams from the ghost hunters had a small tiny uncredited role in the movie 21 and a few other short films. TV likes good looking people, why should that disqualify them as people interested in the paranormal? Ghost mine finale ratings…… will be back.

  22. langdon says :

    Is there going to be a second season.

  23. kathy says :

    I was a happy camper finding this show on syfy jus today. Sick with a nasty cold, I turn on syfy to catch what I think are going to be some GH reruns for the day and watched with wide eyes and mouth open jus diggn every move every person made on this show. Told myself Wow!! I Like This Show! Alot! And I don’t want it to be over. But it is and I wanna see more of Kristin and Patrick. At the Cresent or wherever. Was a cool day catchin that show’s Marathon to the Finale. Liiiked it!

  24. Laurence T. Miller says :

    I’ve tried to watch many-a ghost related shows and none if them stuck until Ghost Mine. There is actually a building plot and with a combination of characters and a very cute paranormal researcher (Kristen), very kickass! I hope show renews soon continuing with current location and story.


  25. Bobby says :

    Last episode was expected. Researchers should of put a camera outside the new mine. Lets see what’s next.

  26. Lisa says :

    I agree 100% with your evaluation of the show and I loved it; however, was very surprised and disappointed it was such a short season. I was left hoping both the mining crew and the paranormal crew will return in the spring and re-open the mine! Gold, ghosts and all! I was all in for this new series! Assuming all of the “happenings” were lagit I was thoroughly impressed and thrilled with the quantity and quality of the activity! I am still feeling a bit short changed at the end of what seemed like just the beginning of this riveting new series.

  27. TJ Long says :

    Hey hunter, love the show, it keeps you on the edge waiting for the mine to just come down at any moment or what they discover next. Missed the final episode tonight hope to catch it later on reruns.

  28. Mickey A says :

    Please please please make more! Very entertaining. Even the skeptics in the house were watching. Unfortunately, we never heard of the show until today when they ran several episodes back to back. Watched them all including the finale. Very much looking forward to the next season. Even reruns of this season. Thank you!!

  29. nikkid says :

    So does anybody think that they will be able to have a secind season? The masons wanted to cover things up for a reason and now on NATIONAL television their secrets were uncovered…. I think they might go to extreme lengths to cover it up permanently.

    • Hunter Shea says :

      Fascinating point. Who knows, maybe the Masons are behind the production company. I think modern Masons wouldn’t be concerend about the contents of an 80 year old mine. But hey, I could be wrong. Second season may just be all about that new mine. Gold speaks louder than words.

  30. Scott DayOH says :

    Jacob – you’re right – the beautiful people – help attract viewers. Look at Destination Truth or Fact or Faked – no 300lb Honey Boo-Boos on them.

  31. Pam Bacon says :

    LOVE THIS SHOW!!! It better come back, same mine, same crew. I haven’t been this excited to see the next episode of a show in a loooong time. The only complaint I have is that they didn’t explore the built “wall” in the Cresent mine. Everyone who loves this show needs to contact Syfy and make it clear it is loved and wanted back. I’m headed to the Syfy site now to let them know I want it back next season and that I want alot more than 6 episodes!

  32. M Bow says :

    I like to think this is a legit scenario and would be very disappointed if it was not. incredible series deserving of a huge audience. Season 2,3,4 please…..

  33. Leesa says :

    I agree with you completely. It was nice to see a team invest in a location & the people at the location. I am so bored with the shows that don’t research locations, go in & spend a few hours & then proclaim to know the name of the ghost. I am hoping Ghost Mine returns for a new season.

  34. Wendy says :

    I tend to watch lots of these types of shows and there are things that bother me with this one. I have also been on a mine tour and know how creepy they can be and that people may have really died in there. The IR camera shots of the white blob look fake, play it and freeze on it and you will see what I mean. Look around the edges and it looks like it was added. the “shadow figure” seems to be just rock shadows, never moves, the little robot thingy malfunctioned and immediately they think something took control of it. and the reactions to things just seem too staged.

    If they were really so close to that kind of payday and someone closed the shaft what would a bunch of hard luck rough around the edges miners really do or say. Certainly not lets pack it up and go home. They would have grabbed the backhoe and dug back in there. Think about it. Some of these guys had lost everything and there was a fortune supposedly in there. I think they would have hunted someone down or at least dug until the snow fell on location. I have great doubts it was truly that kind of gold mine.I could possibly see it all staged with painted rock.The paranormal stuff was actually kind of corny. The Mysterious stranger with info on the mine…that didn’t go after the fortune himself ..The little girl following a shadow…..all of it.

    That being said, I love the concept and I thought the miners alone without the paranormal angle would have been a great show. I would like to see other shows camp out on location for longer periods of time. Most shows go in for a few hours and if nothing shows, so be it. A few days or weeks they would get some great stuff at some locations like Waverly Hills or Eastern State. I thought watching them do the actual work and the miners themselves were very interesting. I would like to see more of that kind of thing. Leave the ghost hunting to the other shows.

  35. Big D says :

    Ghost Mine, is by far the best paranormal show that I have ever seen. And it leaves nothing out. In fact, it keeps you on your toes throughout every episode.

    Papa Smurfs son, doesn’t believe in ghosts and you can sense that due to the fact that he blamed the cave-in on the owner. But what gets me is this, how can he close the entrance to the new tunnel within ten-fifteen minutes after their meeting? Impossible! So, will the miners finally get their gold? Only the upcoming season will t tell:)!

  36. Leigh says :

    I enjoyed every episode…and my other half whom is not normally up to my Ghost shows has even joined in for this one o.O. That in its self says alot…lol. I must have miss understood…thought they were coming back next season…so very disappointed if thats not the case 😦

    • Hunter Shea says :

      There’s no announcement for a 2nd season yet (and I’ve spoken to some cast members on the show), but I’d put good money on Syfy picking them up for another season.

  37. Rick says :

    Man, I love this show!! This is by far a badass show. I was hooked from the beginning.. I hope they bring on 2nd season when spring comes along in Sumpter, Oregon because here in Oregon, it’s becoming to be nice out.. GHOST MINE, rocks man! Come on SyFy, let’s bring on Season 2 soon!

  38. cyndi says :

    Agree – LOVE the show & they need to can Haunted Collector.

  39. Kati Verburg says :

    The name of the song is actually A Proud Man’s Soul, although when the show first started, someone heard it was called Hopeless so, sheep that we are, we all spread that around when answering the question of its identity. 🙂 The song was written specifically for the show, but everyone is wanting a full version- no word yet on whether or not SyFy will make that happen. No official word on Season 2 quite yet, but we’refeeling good about it. (My hubs is Jay, the Greenhorn, btw.) Great article, thanks for the positive shout out! 🙂

  40. Scott says :

    Hope for 2nd season!

  41. Nina D'Arcangela says :

    This is on my DVR, and I haven’t watched it yet – so I can’t read any of this 😦

  42. Kati Verburg says :

    Did you hear? SyFy announced Season Two today! Twelve episodes- woohoo! 🙂

  43. Scott DayOH says :

    Sweet! Just saw that on Syfy

  44. valeriec1003 says :

    My husband and I happened upon this show last night and were hooked! The story about the town and the whole mine thing is truly worth watching. Hearing about superstitions and the history puts you back in a time when America was being explored and created, no show does that. We’re hooked!

  45. Vandal Spride says :

    Well I rank it on high top 3 of my favorite para shows. Ghost Adventures, is my top one .after ghost hunters on syfy failed me after the very first season. Then again my oppinion

    • Hunter Shea says :

      Seeing how good the second season has started, they’re are my #1 para show now. I’ll have another post about the show next week.

      • Marilyn Ross says :

        What are the words to “Proud Man’s Soul? I can’t understand a word he’s singing! If I hadn’t been able to make out “have mercy” I wouldn’t even think it was English!!! Has he ever even heard the word ‘diction’?

      • Hunter Shea says :

        Hahahaha! I’m sure the lyrics are floating around somewhere.

  46. Harold Bernard says :

    Great show who wouldn’t love the mix of ghost hunting and a beautiful woman

  47. Watcher says :

    There is no such thing as paranormal activity. Period. Now, if you know that and watch the show just for fun, that’s fine. But I am dismayed thinking that a lot of people are fooled by the faux documentary-style of the show and probably think what happens on the show is real, or that paranormal activity really exists. And one can say what’s the harm in that… well, there is harm. Psychics and others prey on vulnerable people with false claims (lies) for the sole purpose of making money from them. All psychics, all paranormal investigators who claim to have evidence… it’s all bogus. It just needs to be repeated, because there are too many people who accept anything on face value and don’t use critical thinking when they encounter topics such as this.

    • Hunter Shea says :

      That’s why I try to let folks know anything you see on TV is entertainment. Period. What you see on the screen is the furthest thing from reality. It’s all entertainment. As for there being no such thing as paranormal activity, you may be as right as the person who swears to it. Personally, I think the things that people have experienced is actually normal activity…we just don’t know the cause, yet. No one should pay for a psychic. Ever.

  48. watcher says :

    hey, let’s hear it for censoring comments. I expected no less.

    • Hunter Shea says :

      Hate to tell you, I’ve never censored or not approved a comment (unless it’s obvious spam). Everyone opinion is valuable and valued here. Just haven’t gotten around to working on the blog this week.

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