Best Surprise Ever…I’m a Monster!

So I was in Barnes and Noble yesterday perusing the magazine rack when I spied the latest issue of Famous Monsters of Filmland. Now, when I was a kid, this was the greatest damn magazine ever. I didn’t get every issue that hit the newstands, but I treasured every single one that came into my possession. I still remember the cover with King Kong’s big ape face (the original, not the one with The Dude). That one held a special place amidst my comic book collection.

Imagine my surprise when I flip open the cover and see an ad with my book cover in it. I know that Samhain is going balls out to let the world know that they are the new place to get your horror fix, but I didn’t know I would ever see anything in a magazine that is nothing short of iconic for me and I’m sure loads of other guys my age (you know, kids of the 70s and early 80s). The little kid inside me has been smiling non-stop. This is the same kid who spent nights putting together glow in the dark Frankenstein and Dracula models, listening to reruns of spooky radio plays, and sneaking downstairs to watch Chiller Theatre.

Best of all, for those of you interested in being the first wave of readers of Samhain horror, and hopefully my book, Forest of Shadows, you can order now and get a 30% discount.

I just had to share.

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About Hunter Shea

Hunter Shea is the product of a misspent childhood watching scary movies, reading forbidden books and wishing Bigfoot would walk past his house. He doesn’t just write about the paranormal – he actively seeks out the things that scare the hell out of people and experiences them for himself. Hunter’s novels can even be found on display at the International Cryptozoology Museum. His video podcast, Monster Men, is one of the most watched horror podcasts in the world. You’ll also find him every week on the Final Guys podcast, available everywhere. He’s a bestselling author of over 30 books, all of them written with the express desire to quicken heartbeats and make spines tingle. Living with his wonderful family and two cats, he’s happy to be close enough to New York City to gobble down Gray’s Papaya hotdogs when the craving hits.

5 responses to “Best Surprise Ever…I’m a Monster!”

  1. Paul D. Dail says :

    Awesome. Finally some good news about a publisher actually doing a little marketing. Congratulations. And what a great place for it.

    Looking forward to getting you on my blog sometime soon.

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

    • Hunter Shea says :

      They’re going all out for this. I saw ads in Fangoria and Horrorhound as well. I’d love to be on your blog. You have any slots open for mid October (during the publicity push for the book)?

  2. Paul D. Dail says :

    I haven’t officially slated out my next couple months (and had a cancel for this week that may end up showing up again), but in my rough mental map, it seems like it may be closer to the end of October. Would that still work?

    Paul D. Dail A horror writer’s not necessarily horrific blog

    • Hunter Shea says :

      It sure would. This train is going to keep rolling all through the fall. LOL. Just let me know what you would want in terms of content. I’m flexible. I also want to talk to my podcast partner about lining you up for an interview.

  3. CW says :

    That is BEYOND cool! Congratulations!!!

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